Voted Favorite Female Web Designer by
Minnesota Women's Press - 2009!
Don't want to pay $5,000 for a quality website?
Hate the idea of a pre-made, "template website" for your

Tired of paying a webmaster every time you want to
change your website?

Looking for creative marketing solutions?
If you are, please browse through these pages to find
out what we can do for you.
Computing Done Right offers self-managed, responsive
websites.  You can be your own webmaster! 
High end software for a price that any business can afford.
The software allows the smaller and medium sized
business to have a web presence at an affordable price. 
Many such organizations have activities and membership
lists that change often and maintaining current information
on a website can be a time consuming affair. 
Either the task doesn’t get done in a timely fashion,
or a premium price is paid to a webmaster to do the work.
Well built websites can cost many thousands
of dollars. Most small organizations find that these
high quality websites are beyond their means. 

Now there is an affordable choice. 




Last Updated: 10/1/2015